Research and Development

We are a chemical-based company, but with a vision for the future. Every ingredient we use is analyzed and tested to ensure quality and sustainability. Plus we're constantly looking for new ways to harness the cleaning power of nature. Between us and our partners we have 19 patents for our products to meet our standards.

Natural ingredients

Coconut is an important ingredient in our surfactants as they have excellent cleaning properties and are very mild. In addition to being a highly sustainable ingredient.

The fruits of the Sapindus Mukorossi are also an important base in our ingredients. Another name for this tree is the Soap Tree, due to its high cleaning properties. We also use enzymes to enhance cleaning properties. These allow for a much deeper fiber-level cleaning than most surfactants achieve on their own. Enzymes help to more effectively break down fatty, protein and starchy stains.

100% biodegradable

When we say that our detergent is 100% biodegradable, we really mean it. We comply with the OECD 301 standard, determining that our product is 85% biodegraded after 4 days, and 100% biodegraded before 28 days.

One planet

We are a brand of Chilean origin, but we all share the same planet. Our experience and great product led us to quickly expand to the United States, and we are constantly looking new markets. If you want to bring bulle to your country write to
If you want to bring bulle to your business, you can also write to us at No matter the size, we are pro planet.